How can I purchase BTC with Simplex?

Now pwchasingBlt and depositing into your Abr a wallet is even easier with Simplex.

With certain exceptions (and depending on the terms with your card issuer), this service is availed)le across the globe.

crease note,whileyour purchase is immediate, funding your wallet may not be. Your transaction must conform on the blockchain beforet+n funds wH ‘
reflect in your Abm wallet. Additionally, Simplex has the right to cancel a transaction for any reason. rf a transaction is canceled your funds will be
:refunded total card you used to t)urchase BTC with.

You musttlavre the latestversion of the Abu app to see this option.

However,yw can also fund your wallet using the Abu website.

Open your  app, to your portfolio view.
Tap: ‘+Add Money ‘ (now located at the bottom of your screen).
Tap: copy bitcoln (BTC) address.
‘ Tap: ‘Buy bitcoin through Simplex